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Ice Warrior trains ordinary people from all walks of life to become competent, safe modern-day explorers


I set up Ice Warrior to really reflect my own values (which are very dear to me!) and I like to do things properly. Our comprehensive expedition training programme demonstrates this, perfectly and will give you ALL the skills necessary to either conduct your own expeditions or be a brilliant team member in someone elses. You’ll find no matter where you are in terms of skills development there is a place for you within the programme and we measure and record your development throughout, so whether you’re heading towards an Ice Warrior flagship expedition or considering your own expedition you can join us at any stage. The only pre-requisite for any of the core training is an open mind and the right attitude….Positive!


We kit, clothe and equip: Scientists working in extreme environments – whole camps provided and provisioned | TV and film crews – we are major BBC and independent production company suppliers | Individual adventurers and explorers | Whole teams – expedition, working, safety, disaster relief, rescue, etc.| Photographers | Florists with cold feet | Cold store operators – cold feet and hands! | Warehouse operators | Exploration camps for gas, mining and oil companies | Disaster relief agencies | Companies, families and individuals wanting to prepare for extreme weather occurrences | Window cleaners – gloves and socks | Ground workers and builders | Construction engineers and surveyors | Helicopter Test Pilots…. To mention but a few!

Film & TV

I feel very privileged to work with some of the greatest natural history filmakers and on some of the most iconic productions. It all started back in November 2006 with a phone call out of the blue asking me about the whereabouts of arctic wolves. I ended up training the crew, specifying and supplying all the gear, creating the safety and logistical plans and guiding the whiole,crew out on Ellesmere Island, Canada. And I’ve been employed on productions as an extreme climate safety expert and adviser ever since. Nowadays I’m asked to get involved with big Hollywood movies too, which is fantastic and adds the all important diversity needed to keep me keen! My latest was Captain America for Marvel Comics, specifying and supplying all the gear for an Arctic scene. Can’t wait for my first James Bond – they make them only a few miles from where I live!

Expedition Consultancy

Having created and run expeditions for some 35 years now I’ve pretty much got a handle on what it takes to plan and execute effective expedition logistics and am delighted that people put their entire trust in me and my team. I’ve learned that the most important thing is to get to grips with the resources on the ground! (Grip is probably the right word!) We pride ourselves in being able to send anything, anywhere at anytime. It takes a plan a, a plan b, a plan c and several other contingencies, particularly taking into account that most of our work is into the extremes and often dealing with people not sharing the preciseness of our normal living. Be great to chat through any requirement you might have….. no matter how diverse.

About us

Ice Warrior trains ordinary people from all walks of life to become competent, safe modern-day explorers
Purposeful Worthwhile Extreme Expeditions

Ice Warrior is all about modern-day exploration using ordinary, everyday people to achieve extraordinary expeditionary feats. Our ethos harks back to the days when polar expeditions were not only pushing the boundaries of human endurance and extending the levels of the human spirit but purposeful explorations of the coldest and most remote regions of our planet. In this modern age, our discoveries are more about climate change, changes to flora, fauna and topography and as we come across these experiences we deliver them into the many homes, schools and businesses that follow us. These are truly life-changing experiences and demonstrate that with the right attitude, preparation and training, ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things. Inevitably, in developing people for these operations, we stand as role models for successful businesses, taking the lessons we learn about leadership and team performance into the corporate boardroom. To enable us to achieve these ambitious aims we apply leading-edge technologies and innovative engineering. All these things we do with the crucial support of our sponsors who fund the operations and our friends and families who put up with our absences. I do hope you enjoy perusing our website, to follow our exploits.


Jim has over than 30 years of polar travelling and expeditioning along with a career spanning environmental science, military, commerce and fire & rescue. He has selected, trained and led highly successful teams from top-level corporations, through high-risk polar expeditions, to critical lifesaving situations.



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